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Who does not know changes in their lives, jobs or environment? We all live in a period of time in which changes belong to our daily life. Change does not only mean challenge but it also comprises chances to create the future. Inevitable change does not only take place in economy and politics but it also concerns science: Results of the latest research stand old knowledges on their heads. So today's knowledge can be trivial tomorrow.

Change that accompanies us daily, does not only take place in dentistry but also in parts of communication. The term "communication" includes multilateral and dynamic processes, because communication often initiates brand new and exciting development that is followed by improvement. At this point science and communication coincide, because both live from dynamics and change.

Since 1st of September 2001 the Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag (German Medical Company) is the new owner of the magazines DZZ (Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift; German Dental Journal), zzi (Zeitschrift für Implantologie; JDI: Journal of Dental Implantology) and Oralprophylaxe & Kinderzahnheilkunde (Oral Prophylaxis & Pediatric Dentistry), previously edited by the Carl Hanser Verlag (Carl Hanser Company). Additionally, the Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag also took over the production of dental books from the Carl Hanser Verlag. Through this dentists will be provided with extensive dental information.

One important element in our strategy is the Deutsche Zahnärzte-Verlag (German Dental Company). In cooperation with the parent company Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag, this subsidiary was put in charge of the three scientific dental magazines as well as the complete production of dental books.

In the beginning the Deutsche Zahnärzte-Verlag was founded as joint-venture together with the Carl Hanser Verlag. Now the Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag is able to extend the Deutsche Zahnärzte-Verlag as a supplier of dental communication. Our offer is completed through the zm (Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen, Dental News), the Dental Magazin (Dental Journal) and the online-offer www.zahnheilkunde.de.

This strategy is build upon the two corner pillars focus and diversity. For us focus means: to provide the needs of dentists with detailed and extensive dental information and to realise this responsibility as one of our main aims. This concentration is connected with diversity. Diversity means to widen our offer of communication and service.

This strategy is also accompanied by the knowledge that dental science is the foundation of dentistry in practice. Dental science is essential for the patient service not only at universities but also in practice.

Apart from change and dynamic steadiness also has an important role. For the Deutsche Ärzte-Verlag and Deutsche Zahnärzte-Verlag the cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde (DGZMK; GSDOM: German Society of Dentistry and Oral Medicine), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnerhaltung (DGZ; German Society of Operative Dentistry), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kinderzahnheilkunde (DGZ; German Society of Pediatric Dentistry) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie (DGI; German Society of Implantology) is very important.

The combination of change, dynamics and steadiness results in a unique perspective of the future for the development of the dental magazines as well as the dental books.

Now we can not only offer the three scientific magazines DZZ (Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift; German Dental Journal), zzi (Zeitschrift für Implantologie; JDI: Journal of Dental Implantology) and Oralprophylaxe & Pediatric Dentistry (Oral Prophylaxis & Pediatric Dentistry), but also the zm (Zahnärztlichen Mitteilungen; Dental News), the Dental Magazin (Dental Journal) as well as the online-version: www.zahnheilkunde.de.

On our website you can find the following items:

Zeitschriften / magazines:
Here you can choose between the dental magazines zm, Dental Magazin, DZZ, Oralprophylaxe & Pediatric Dentistry and zzi. Each of the three scientific magazines DZZ, Oralprophylaxe & Pediatric Dentistry and zzi have a databank ready for your enquiries. The databanks include the German and English summaries of all the articles being published in one of the three scientific magazines and can be downloaded via pdf. For dentists or other visitors of our website who already use the literature administration programmes "EndNote" or "ReferenceManager" for citations or bibliographies we offer the possibility to import data out of our research-databank. You can also find the rate cards of all the five dental magazines in German as well as in English.

Bücher / books:
You are looking for dental specialist literature? Here you can find a list of the recent publications of dental books published by the Deutsche Zahnärzte-Verlag.

Magazin / news
Under this item we publish recent news or press reports we think are important or interesting for dentists.

Service / service
Important international events as well as meetings being of importance for dentists are listed here. In addition, all position paper statements of the DGZMK can be found here with the possibility to make a printout of these statements.

Online-Fortbildung / further vocational training online
Since issue 01/2004 of the zzi and issue 07/2004 of the DZZ we offer a further vocational training online.

Links / links
Here you find a collection of internet-addresses for several areas of dentistry e. g. medical insurances, universities, societies and so on.

Following we'd like to give you some detailed information about our five dental magazines:

zm Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen

The zm is the official journal of the two official organisations of German dentists: the German Dental Association (Bundeszahnärztekammer - BZÄK) and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (Kassenzahnärztliche Bundesvereinigung - KZBV). The BZÄK is the professional organisation of all German dentists and defends their political and professional rights and interests towards the German health authorities. The KZBV is the professional organisation of all German dentists working inside the German social security system and who have contracts with the sick funds. The KZBV also defends the political and professional rights and interests towards the official German health politics.
The zm is the official journal of these two major associations of German dentists, the BZÄK and KZBV. It has a circulation of 70.000 copies twice a month and is distributed to every practising dentist in Germany.
zm is well known in the German dental world for its high quality standard of journalism. The themes in Dental News zm range from topical politics to developments and innovations in dental science.


Abridged characteristics:
The Dental Magazin is a specialist magazine oriented towards the consumer and therefore a forum for dental formation of opinion. Very new in the editorial concept - which is required by everyone involved - is the way and depth with which the editorial team works out dental hot-topics for registered dentists. Our credo is: Independence from associations, professional policy and industry in the journalistic description of topical dental subjects. A connection to the dentist, who wants to lead his surgery economically, is always provided. Market surveys go beyond queries of technical parameters without marking. By this the new Dental Magazin closes the gap amongst dental printed media: it is a neutral forum of information for dentists as consumers.


Abridged characteristics:
Oralprophylaxe & Pediadric Dentistry is the organ of the DGZ (German Society of Pediatric Dentistry), which has more than 1050 members (July 2004), as well as of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnerhaltung e. V." (German Society of Operative Dentistry).
Oralprophylaxe & Pediadric Dentistry is a magazine for dentists working practically and/ or scientifically in the field of oral prophylaxis or pedodontics, dentists having a godparenthood or dealing with young people and therefore working in group prophylaxis and registered dentists being committed in individual prophylaxis or pedodontics and for students, who want to broaden their knowledge in these fields. Oralprophylaxe & Pediatric dentistry offers practically relevant and scientifically valid information about every area of dental prophylaxis and pedodontics. Dentists who work actively with this subject are the main target of distribution. .

ZZI Zeitschrift für Zahnärztliche Implantologie
JDI Jounal of Dental Implantology

Abridged characteristics:
The magazine Journal of Dental Implantology is concerning its high-circulation the outstanding scientific magazine about Implantology in Germany. It is the organ of the DGI (German Society of Implantology), which is the largest German and European Society of Implantology regarding its 4000 members (July 2004). In the zzi original studies which had been selected by a peer-review-process as well as texts from the praxis for the praxis are published. Dental Implantology is one branch of dentistry, which has developed rapidly in the last few years. New materials, implant shapes and implant techniques have led to widespread dental implantology. On the basis of extensive pure research being carried out especially in Switzerland and Germany, today the German-speaking areas are world leaders in this specialist field.

DZZ Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift

Abridged chararcteristics:
The DZZ provides information on all spheres of modern dentistry. Review articles describe in detail current developments in dentistry. In review articles consequences for the practice, which result from innovative developments in one special field are worked out. The significance of the DZZ - being a further education medium with a high readership - can also be seen in the fact that the DZZ is the most frequently cited German specialist magazine in bibliographies. Each magazine contains original studies and conference papers, information from the DGZMK as well as shortened forms of new products and materials. In the DZZ also the so called "Praxisletters" which deals with important and current themes for the praxis is published regularly. The target group of the DZZ is the "Information-élite" of dentists, the potential customers for innovative dentistry products.

We hope we have aroused your curiosity and wish you a lot of fun looking at our web-site.